Day 1: Our Services

16 Days of Action: Day 1: Our Services

Jennifer Murphy of Cuanlee Refuge gives an outline of the services available here at Cuanlee and what to expect on admission or when you first make contact with our service.

Cuanlee calls for domestic violence leave to help women in refuge

Our Social Worker, Caithríona O’ Neill speaks to Sarah Horgan of the Evening Echo to discuss how businesses can support staff who are experiencing domestic abuse.


In 2018, New Zealand passed legislation granting 10 days paid leave to anyone experiencing domestic abuse.
Following from the standard set by New Zealand, Caithríona reflects how business in Ireland can support their staff, especially during this difficult time when domestic abuse is increasing.


However, New Zealand are not the only ones who have recognised the impact of domestic abuse in the workplace.
In 2019, Vodafone launched a Domestic Violence Policy, to support all employees who have been affected by domestic abuse.
The comprehensive policy offers additional time off, counselling, financial support and also aims to train managers so they can best support employees who may be experiencing domestic violence.