Day 16: Self-care and what it really means

Thank you for joining Cuanlee for the 16 Days of Action this year.
Over the last two weeks, we’ve discussed many topics of domestic abuse, such as;  how to recognise it, how to support someone you know experiencing it, court orders and services available. Whilst the discussion is necessary, it can be difficult. So to close we’ve decided to talk about self-care. This conversation is a must for everyone.

Do you feel that ‘self-care’ is just another item on the to-do list? How do you nurture yourself?

Caithríona O’ Neill, Social Worker at Cuanlee Refuge is joined by Catherine Dunne, Counselling Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Movement Medicine Teacher, to talk self-care and what it really means.

Day 15: Women’s experiences in Cuanlee

Women’s experiences in Cuanlee

Taking the first step and reaching out for support can be very difficult and daunting. So for today we felt it was important to highlight some of the experiences women had of Cuanlee when they reached out for support.
We are here to help. We see you and we believe you.

Day 14: Children’s experiences in Cuanlee

Children’s experiences in Cuanlee

At Cuanlee, we believe it is vital to hear and recognise children’s perspectives of their experiences. We believe it is essential to include children’s voices in building a service that is here to support them. Here is the feedback that some children shared about their stay at Cuanlee Refuge. 

Day 13: Impact of domestic abuse on children

Impact of domestic abuse on children

Siobháin Leahy, Team Leader at Cuanlee Refuge discusses the impact of domestic abuse on children and the support available here at Cuanlee. Support is offered for you and your children in an open, non-judgemental, safe space.

Day 11: Domestic Violence Court Orders

Domestic Violence Court Orders

Mary Cullinane, Assistant Manager of Cuanlee Refuge explains the different types of domestic abuse court orders, what is covered and the application process.
Here at Cuanlee, we offer a court accompaniment and preparation service as going to court can be a very daunting and difficult process.

Day 9: Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse

Caithríona O’ Neill, Social Worker at Cuanlee Refuge highlights the various forms of domestic abuse, giving examples of each. Domestic abuse and violence can occur in a number of ways, but all are damaging and there is no excuse for any form of abusive behaviour.

Day 7: How to Support Someone who is Experiencing Domestic Abuse

 How to Support Someone who is Experiencing Domestic Abuse.

Jennifer Murphy of Cuanlee Refuge gives guidance about how to start the conversation and support someone you know who is experiencing domestic abuse.

Day 6: Why is it so hard to Leave?

16 Days of Action: Day 6: Why is it so hard to Leave?

Bernadette Hickey, Social Care Worker at Cuanlee Refuge illustrates why it is so difficult to leave an abusive relationship.
We often hear people saying, “why don’t they just leave?“, however, breaking the cycle of abuse is never that simple.